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Trade shows are a great way to present your brand to the right target audience and create a platform for engagement that can yield significant returns. However, exhibiting at a trade show requires a display that not only catches people’s attention but also represents the value and quality that your brand promises.

With that in mind, here are 3 reasons why paying more for custom trade show exhibits is better than renting a generic display on the cheap.

A Better Brand Image

A custom display can ensure precise branding and messaging alignment and be tailored to reflect your brand’s unique identity. This includes your brand’s colours, logos, and other aspects to ensure seamless brand messaging.

This consistency ensures that your brand is recognized more readily and thus stands out. Generic rented exhibits tend to lack the personalized touch needed to ensure your brand is uniquely identifiable.

More Cost-Effective in the Long Term

Although custom trade show exhibits have a slightly higher price tag initially, the long-term value they provide is well worth the investment as they can be reused repeatedly at trade shows over the years.

On the other hand, renting generic trade show exhibits requires you to rent them repeatedly. Doing so can become expensive, even if the one-off rental price is lower than a custom trade show design upfront.

A custom exhibit is an asset you can own and reuse multiple times, saving you rental fees in the long run. If the exhibit is well-designed, it can also help minimize maintenance and replacement expenses.

Tailoring for Functionality and Design

A unique trade show exhibit can be beneficial because it allows you to incorporate unique product displays, maximize space, incorporate interactive elements, and offer all sorts of other flexibilities and functionalities that rented exhibits might not be able to provide.

This tailored approach helps ensure that your exhibit stands out and serves a unique purpose within the trade show, allowing you to achieve your goals and get the best return on investment. Overall, a bespoke trade show exhibit will be more engaging and memorable for those who attend.

Are you interested in procuring custom trade show exhibits? Get in touch with the team at Salient Design today. Let us help you create an immersive and engaging trade show experience to boost your brand and make it more memorable.