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Gone are the days of a plain and simple exhibition installation. With so much new interest, competition and buying power at stake, it’s integral to make sure that your trade show exhibition booth stands out among the crowd and considers upcoming trends.

In this blog, we cover 3 ways to upgrade your trade show exhibition booths.

Experience Over Aesthetics

Aesthetics play a major role in attracting foot traffic to your exhibition booth. However, it’s the experience you provide that will keep your potential buyers there with you. Consider how you can make your booth stand engaging and interactive.

Look into ideas such as using mixed media, where buyers won’t only see physical demonstrations but digital demonstrations too. Some examples of this are incorporating TVs with professional-quality visuals and videos, using virtual reality or even augmented reality.

Sensory Engagement

When planning your exhibition, it’s no longer enough to stimulate only one or two senses. With all of the visual and aural noise and competition you’ll face at a tradeshow, your stand may fall flat if it’s not stimulating enough.

This doesn’t mean you should make your booth a sensory overload. Instead, your brand should be communicated in a cohesive and attractive way using all of the senses. What can your buyers smell? What can they hear? What can they touch or interact with?

For the greatest success, be sure you’ve covered your bases here.

Tie Your Trade Show Strategy In With Your Marketing Strategy

The biggest mistake we see businesses making with their trade show marketing is keeping it separate from their full marketing and digital marketing strategies. There are so many creative ways to make your full brand presence cohesive across the board.

Think of how you can use something like QR codes to your best advantage. This may look like directing your buyers to your mailing list sign-up (saving you an incredible amount of time in comparison to manually receiving and uploading written email addresses), to your social media pages or to a very special one-time discount code.

The opportunities are endless!

Professionals Can Help

The above tips provide great value, however, they only scratch the surface. If you really want your tradeshow booth to stand out, chat with our team of exhibition installation professionals and we’ll be more than happy to guide you from theory to construction.