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Trade Show Tips

This is where we will give you tips on getting the most out of your Trade Shows.

To Be or Not to Be… Social

To Be or Not to Be… SocialAs an exhibitor when it comes to marketing your next tradeshow there isn’t a better or faster way to announce your upcoming presence than social media. Done properly it is fast and efficient and can reach your intended public.Set you goal for...

How to Engage Customers Naturally at your Trade Show

I have observed throughout the years that many clients at Trade Shows will walk down the aisle and shy away from looking at booths because they are afraid to be called over or be sold too. Here is a way to naturally engage your client. ATTRACT Visuals or Graphics help...

Not all that Glitters is Gold.

Sometimes it's hard to compete with the major corporations and their vast pocketbooks, but not all that glitters is gold. Far to often the consumer is enticed by the gadgetry and special effects of trade show exhibits, I know I have, but at the end of the...

Event Marketing

Whether you are an experienced exhibitor or a novice looking to gain your footing in the trade show marketing world, trusting your smart marketer’s intuition is a great start. However, your smart marketer’s intuition will only carry you so far. Below, are tips for...

Know Your Client

Know your potential client, is the mantra of today. This will always save time and money. Exhibitions and Tradeshows modus operandi have not changed it is essentially… 1. Attract a potential client 2. Interest them 3. Communicate your message 4. Sell them whatever...


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