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If you build it, they will come… if it has the cool factor they will come

Have you ever stood in line at a booth because they had something fun and unique you wanted to do? I sure have many times. One of my favorites was a shooting range with a pellet gun, now that was one busy booth!

When you use interesting promotional ideas and have an inviting booth, these can help your booth exhibit turn into an amazing experience which leaves a lasting impression on attendees. In Future trade shows your exhibit will be the sought after destination.

Find something unique for your Trade Show Exhibit

If you’re looking to be a successful exhibitor, you have to be diligent in your search for new and unique ways to attract attendees to your booth. In the sea of exhibitor’s, you have to find interesting and exciting ways to stick out from the crowd and attract a lot of attendees to your booth. When done successfully the attendees turn into new sales revenue for your company.

You should be looking at trends and what people are attracted to. One interesting idea that would attract a lot of attention would be free headshots. Photos are huge, look at Facebook or Pinterest or any other social networks.

When in doubt hire a professional

Getting a professional photographer and setting up an area in your booth where an attendee could sit and get a pro headshot would attract a lot of attention. In today’s digital age it can be printed instantly, emailed to their email address or uploaded to their phone, so it’s instant gratification.

Of course hiring a professional to help create that unique and user experience will only help in the success of your trade show display and will of course free one up to do all the other important tasks that will be needed to ensure a successful show.

So get the creative juices flowing, it doesn’t have to be complex, it does have to attract attention, though, and remember when in doubt hire a professional!