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Businesses have been utilizing trade shows as a traditional marketing avenue for decades. Even in this digital world, they have remained a profitable marketing strategy for corporate and local businesses.

Whether you’re new to trade show marketing or seasoned in the space, trends evolve each year. And if you want to attract attendees to your trade show display, it’s essential to keep your market research up to date.

A Quick Introduction To Trade Shows

A trade show is a physical (and recently, digital) exhibition where companies gather on specific dates to market their products or services. The purpose of these shows is to generate leads and sales and expand your professional network and customer base.

Customers have the benefit of being able to easily get answers to their questions and compare various competitors for the products and services they require in one space.

How To Attract Attendees To Your Trade Show Display?

Now that you’re aware of the meaningful impact that trade shows can have on your marketing success, it’s time to talk about the competitive landscape you’ll be up against. Trade shows are filled with competitors who have the same goal in mind that you do. So how do you stand out from the crowd and garner the most sales?

It All Begins With The Stand

Reports have shown that a whopping 48% of attendees are attracted by a company’s display stand. Keep this key advice in mind: It is not your stand’s job to sell your product or service ‒ your sales team is there for that. Your stand is there to attract your prospective clients and customers. Ask yourself how you can convince people to become intrigued, step in, and ask questions.

From there, your sales team can take the reigns.

Get Creative With Promotions

In addition to the stand itself, you have the opportunity to attract attendees to your stand before the trade show even begins. To do this, get creative with promotion ideas such as giveaways and competitions advertised through social media marketing.

Provide your prospective clients with an attractive incentive to visit you at the trade show by offering them something they wouldn’t be able to access when shopping online.

Need Help With Your Trade Show Display?

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