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If you’ve recently done an exhibit at a trade show, you would have had a booth designed to showcase your brand. A common sentiment expressed by many exhibitors is that their display didn’t draw as much attention as they had hoped or did not do well against their competitors. We’ve put together these three questions to ask yourself, in order to identify the effectiveness of your trade show booth.

Are Customers Attracted To Your Booth? 

One of the main benefits of exhibiting a product or service at a trade show is increased visibility. You have the chance to showcase your brand to your specific target market, since trade shows are usually centred around a specific theme (e.g. bridal shows, car shows, health shows). Even in a small, targeted arena, you can still become a blur in the crowd if your design and layout is not eye-catching. A good design will use bold, clear fonts and attractive colours, making use of the allocated space wisely, both horizontally and vertically.

How Does It Weigh Up Against Your Competitors? 

How well did your trade show booth design perform at your last exhibition? If you noticed more people drifting over to your competitors, something needs to change. A professionally designed, attractive booth will place you ahead of your competitors and give you added credibility in the market.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a cutting-edge design for your next trade show, as the results will prove to be well worth it. Remember that a trade show is a brilliant opportunity for branding and your display is your chance to make a memorable impression on customers, attracting new leads.

Is Your Booth Design Practical? 

Aesthetics and practicality go hand-in-hand when it comes to trade show booth design, so be careful not to overlook this. Many exhibitors place too much focus on the appearance of their display and struggle with the dismantling and other logistics. Think carefully about how much electricity your booth will require and the complexity of cabling and assembling in your desired ensemble.

For the best advice and custom trade show booth design, speak to our team of professionals. Contact the Salient Design team today and we’ll help you create an impressive display for your next exhibition, taking into account your budget, space and brand.