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So you have the best exhibition design ever and the trade fair is starting tomorrow. Are you prepared? Some exhibitors arrive and shoot from the hip, but it does help to be prepared.

Here are our top tips for making the most of manning your exhibition stand.

Capture Those Leads

Literally, capture them in a book or iPad. Scanning business cards might take too long if you are busy, so have a book that you can staple them into with a quick note and a follow-up action or it’s likely you’ll forget who-is-who.

Spread The News

Before even arriving at the event, make sure you have spread the news across all your social media channels using a unique hashtag, as well as the event’s hashtag.

Follow up during the trade fair with update posts, using those hashtags, and talk about events happening and interesting visitors.

Set Aside Diary Time

Before the event, schedule follow-up time ahead in your diary for after the event. Make contact with the A Category leads within 72 hours via a quick email, an attached brochure, project photos, or whatever was relevant to that lead.

Be Physically Ready

Avoid big party nights in the week leading up to the event and get quality sleep the night before.

If the trade show is a few days long, save a boozy networking night for the last night or you may end up with days of poor performance, perhaps wasting away the full benefits of your exhibition.

Hydrate Regularly

Avoid sugary, high-salt and high-fat foods because they will make you sleepy and dehydrate you. Drink more water than you usually do, as the long days may have you evaporating water faster than normal.

Organise A Break Schedule

No, you are not robocop; you need to take breaks. Get outside and into a different environment. Re-energise at lunchtime, at the very least, then come back ready to conquer the world.

Laptop Diversion

In the slow periods, you might have a chance to work on your laptop, which will look better than reading a novel or chattering away on the phone. We have seen exhibitors reading newspapers, trying different styles on a colleague’s hair, chatting to friends on the phone loudly, cleaning shoes and bags.

Office Support

Arrange support back at the office with your colleagues so that your clients are attended to in your absence, as you might be busy all day with exhibition visitors.

Have Fun

This is important!

Trade shows can seem ardous when you don’t look for the element of fun. Most people want to be pleasant, but they also want to be heard. Let them speak. At the very least, you might get an interesting story to post on your social media or deepen a business relationship with a client or peer.

Remember: Relax, be happy and friendly, and find the fun.

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