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Article provided by: Legion Digital

Mobile Billboard Nyc

Mobile Billboard Nyc

New York City is the land of marketing opportunity and using a mobile billboard in NYC moves your content to where it is more likely to be seen. Get your message to ground level with Legion Digital, capitalizing on our experience in major markets across the United States.

Do billboard work in New York City?

Marketers bombard your potential customers with 500 messages every day. From the sides of soup cans to calls to action and radio advertising, messages and content inundate people.

Mobile billboards in New York City work by creating memorable messages that reach consumers when they desire your product. Avoid cluttering Times Square with more information, reach people before they even get there.

Will I see a return on investment from billboards?

Mobile billboard companies in New York promise a serious return on investment. You receive five dollars in return for every dollar properly invested.

This is particularly true for mobile advertising which is more memorable than the large billboards dotting the city. Only fifty percent of people remember the content on a traditional billboard compared with 66 percent for mobile advertising.

How do mobile displays work?

Traffic displays in NYC capitalize on daily routines and tourism hot spots. From the Batter and Statute of Liberty to the shopping districts in Manhattan, people pack the streets.

Mobile advertising is more effective in New York City than almost anywhere else in the country due to the congestion. Finding the right material with the help of our professionals places your brand firmly in the minds of people when they need your product.

 Where do I use a mobile billboard?

New York mobile billboard trucks are versatile. They can park on private land, which while rare, is still beneficial and offers the power of traditional advertising at ground level

Look for areas of high traffic throughout the day and plan to move your advertising to maximize impact, a solution that does not exist for traditional forms of advertising. Our company can help you with your marketing campaign.

What regulations concern traffic displays in NYC?

According to the United States Supreme Court, it is possible for cities to issue ordinances concerning the use of mobile advertising. This is particularly true in New York City.

Our drivers follow all regulations. Targeting high-traffic areas without creating the hassle of fees, fines, and court battles. All trucks are permitted appropriately and maintained to provide the most memorable and captivating message possible.

Mobile billboard in NYC

Legion Digital is one of the leading mobile billboard companies in New York. Our trucks and experts scour the streets of New York, Houston, Orlando, and many other major cities, finding the best areas to push products, deals, specials, and new businesses.

With tens of millions of tourists, businessmen, and residents alike, your message can reach the eyes of one of the most lucrative markets in the country. Ensure that your marketing dollars are not spent in vain, get in touch with our team today to find out how mobile billboards in New York City can help your business.



Mobile Billboard Nyc
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Mobile Billboard Nyc Mobile Billboard Nyc