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Rackmount Server

Rackmount Server

Several Advantages Of A Rackmount Server

First of all, what is a Rackmount Server? A rackmount server is simply a server that has been mounted on a server rack. The definition of a rackmount server is not complete without further defining what a server is. A server is a computer that is dedicated to serving all other workstations or computers with the required resources in a network. There are several types of servers depending on their purpose.

On the other hand, a rack is a framework that contains several server slots. These slots are called bays and different servers are mounted on different bays. A rack is an enclosure in which servers are placed with the aid of screws.

A rackmount server is becoming more popular all over the world because of the advantages attached to mounting a server on a rack. Some of the advantages have been outlined right below.

Better performance

You need to ensure that there is adequate airflow around your servers. Servers work so hard and they get so hot. To avoid over-heating there should be adequate ventilation around your server and it is a server rack that ensures this because it has a lot of spaces.

You have to understand that the lower the temperature of your server the better it will perform. So, rackmount servers offer better performance because there is enough space for better ventilation around them. This keeps them cool always.

Server racks come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some racks are even accompanied with cooling system. The cooling system blows cool air and the spaces around the servers allow the cold air to circulate properly. This ensures better performance all the time. This type of server racks is usually provided by third party IT companies or even data centers.

Better security

Server racks usually have locked panels and this prevents people from having unwanted access to your server. There are so many kinds of server cabinet now and all of them come with different locking systems. No one jokes with security anymore. Just look online to select the kind of server racks that suits you.

Ease of maintenance

Most server racks are easy to maintain because they are enough spaces around them. Some of them even have shelves and wheels that make it easy for them to slide out. This means you can easily slide each of them out to clean them. When something goes wrong, it is easier to troubleshoot servers that have been mounted on server racks.

Variety of sizes

There are several sizes of racks but the commonest ones are 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U and 7U. The size of your server is the most important factor that determines the size of server rack that is suitable for you. Apart from sizes, the racks also come in various designs. There are several kinds of designs for each of the aforementioned sizes.

IT service providers are already aware of this and that is why virtually all of them make use of server racks for all the servers of their clients. So, if you have outsourced your IT needs to a reputable IT company, you need not bother yourself about how your servers are maintained.

Rackmount Server
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Rackmount Server Rackmount Server