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Having a well-designed trade show booth can make a massive difference in terms of the type of attention your brand attracts and the kinds of network relationships that can be built to maximize the value that you get out of a trade show.

Take note of the following dos and don’ts of trade show display design.


Make sure that the colours, messaging, and iconography associated with your brand are prominently displayed on your booth. This effectively conveys your brand and improves brand recall.

Use high-quality graphics that are eye-catching and enticing and that convey your key brand message. Ensuring that your booth is visually appealing is critical to ensuring that attendees are attracted from a distance.


Do plan your booth’s layout to ensure easy navigation. A logical flow is essential, and important elements should be easily accessible and visible from afar.

Interactive Elements

Include interactive elements, such as product demonstration games, touch screens, VR headsets, and more, to ensure maximum visitor engagement.

Don’t forget to ensure that all technological elements in your booth are working properly. Overlooking potential technical issues with interactive elements can lead to disengagement from attendees. So it is critical to ensure that all technology is tested and is functioning correctly in advance.


Don’t use vague messaging, but rather communicate clearly what your company’s value proposition is and why it’s unique.

Ensure that you have a clear and compelling call to action based on your unique value proposition.


Do ensure that comfortable seating and private spaces are incorporated to facilitate discussions and meetings with potential clients. This can encourage people to spend more time at your booth and engage more with your company.

Booth Design

Don’t make use of low-quality materials for your booth or invest in generic booth outfits.

Invest in durable and high-quality materials, where the booth has been custom-designed for your company and is geared to maximize its appeal at the particular show in question.

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