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With pandemic restrictions being uplifted around the world, businesses can breathe a sigh of relief. Many can partake in traditional marketing formats again, such as trade shows, exhibition design and media handouts. Combined with growing digital marketing efforts, businesses can feel secure in their spending and ROI (Return-On-Investment) at the end of this year, knowing they have truly connected with their audiences and converted leads.

As a business owner, you may feel flustered about what will work on the floor these days. It’s been a confusing and difficult few years for traditional marketing globally, but as most of the world returns to normalcy, you may be ready to set up your next exhibition. We have examined some of the trends for 2022, breaking down what will work for you.

Going Live 

Trade shows are a significant connection point for both current and future customers, allowing you to increase brand awareness, communicate your brand objectives and help consumers experience your brand in real life. In conjunction with the usual, we are seeing an increasing number of businesses going live at their trade shows. This is an effective way of reaching real-life customers, both online and in person. Customers will feel included, which adds a level of exclusiveness to your brand, making it a company to aspire to buy from.

Be Inviting

Consumers have always gravitated toward businesses that are interesting, unique and memorable. Trade shows need to be more than just an opportunity to hand out pamphlets; you need to generate interest and convert leads. You can do this with displays that stand out, interactive experiences and personalised service. This can set expectations of what potential consumers can receive in the future from your business.

Going Green 

A slowly emerging trend of the last few years, pandemic aside, is that sustainability has become a major priority for consumers. Businesses have needed to update their objectives to include going green for the future, which should also extend to trade shows. Consumers want to see recycling bins, effective packaging to reduce waste and some even go as far as asking if the lighting is green. They want to have more information on your sustainability policies and see it in real-time as well.

Trade shows will make an enormous impact this year for businesses as we are forecasting improved networking with higher leads. We encourage our clients to use this to their advantage, with engaging and effective exhibition designs. At Salient Design, we specialize in assisting our clients to reach their marketing objectives. Contact us today for competitive rates, high-quality work and exceptional service.