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Setting up a trade show requires a lot of planning and resources. This is not something you can simply map out for 5 minutes and throw together, but rather is a project that requires meticulous organizing, planning, and elbow grease to create and perfect.

Once your exhibit has been made by professionals and is ready to take its place in the spotlight, it is important that you further your investment by installing the exhibition the right way.

Here are a few tips to smooth over the process

Working With An Installation and Dismantaling (I&D) partner

Most trade shows require the set-up of the exhibition booth to be done by outside labour, other than your team. You need to hire a partner to set up your booth seamlessly.

The first step to a perfect setup is to work closely with the I&D team during the design process. This will keep your faith in the abilities of the labour force to install according to your vision, as well as help the team make the installation process a lot more concentrated and straightforward.

Together, you can alleviate design or installation challenges, as well as share your drawings or design with the team.

Trial Run

Ensure you and your I&D team perform a trial run to set up in their warehouse so that you can preview your booth. You will be able to develop an estimate of what to expect on the show floor.

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that dismantling the piece will take double the amount of time as set-up. This will help you understand the process of the show day and what your labour costs will come to.

Arrive Early

On the day of installation, it is important to be there early and be 100% prepared for the job ahead of you. Ensure your exhibition space is equipped with electrical wiring, internet cables and electrical outlets. If anything is missing, you will have the time to address the issue before causing a delay in installation. This may save you money on labour costs.

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