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Social Media Marketing

To Be or Not to Be… Social

As an exhibitor when it comes to marketing your next tradeshow there isn’t a better or faster way to announce your upcoming presence than social media. Done properly it is fast and efficient and can reach your intended public.

Set you goal for social media marketing

First do or continue your offline marketing activities, ignore the social media platforms for now. Don’t just get on all the different platforms and bombard people with your various company messages, you won’t get very far. Understand what you are trying to accomplish first and once you really have identified your goals with social media, then go ahead and choose a social media platform that would be best based on your goals for your company.

In social media consistency is always better than quantity, it is engagement remember, be aware that you are actually talking to individual people and not just blasting a message out the unknown masses. So, participate frequently, don’t make it look like you are just doing it because someone said it was necessary. Participate in conversations, listen to other conversation etc. be visible.

The downfall to doing social media marketing is when your company treats this unique marketing area like a bill board or a radio add. Social media is a two-way street, it is engagement and its story telling.

Story Telling

People want to hear your story, the better the story the more engaged your public will be.

Social media is not traditional advertising, people will ignore spam on social media, so when everything is a pitch, catchphrases, company slogans and me me me, your message will fall on deaf ears. You can think of it as a conversation, you have to catch a person’s interest, this is done by telling your companies story. If you tell an interesting story you will engage with your public, and they will respond (call to action taken).

This is the information age and its not just any information. Quality is key, content that has true value and its delivery system is a good story.

Don’t be left Out

Social media will continue to grow and as a company you cannot afford not to use these channels for dissemination. It can quite daunting to have a live feed, with your client base or potential clients while at your event, but the benefits by far out-way any trepidations you may have about having full engagement with your public. The information regardless is the outcome is priceless.

One has to understand that social media marketing is only part of the bigger marketing puzzle, one continues to use all the other marketing channels, just plug it in to your existing marketing endeavours and you will be way ahead of the game.

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