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Your trade show display is placed in a large room with potentially hundreds of different companies. They are all trying to grab the same consumers’ attention. Therefore, it becomes more fundamental than ever to have a display that is original and entices the clients to your booth. Grabbing the attention and interest of the consumer will be the difference between a pedestrian and a potential buyer.

Meet new people, make connections and expand your network, all with the help of unique and original trade show display themes. Ensure you pick phrases that coincide with your brand and your products to incorporate throughout the theme. Your products and business should be the ultimate takeaway from your booth experience.

Art Exhibition  

To enhance the consumer experience, reinventing your booth to resemble a museum or art exhibit will bring a unique twist to your booth. When entering the display, individuals are handed out guides which correspond to the products on display. Going the extra mile means each product is stored in a separate see-through exhibit, with a name or code printed on it. These codes correspond with the guide, which contains ample information on each product.

To go the extra mile, anyone assisting the business inside the booth should be dressed to the nines. For an extra flair and to keep the audience engaged, a waitress may serve finger food while an appointed speaker walks the audience through their hand guide. This creates incredible interest and audience participation within your booth. It also gives the business an opportunity to gauge the reactions to each product.

Hometown Decor  

These ideas should be catered directly to your brand and products. For instance, if the company’s main products are more furniture-based, setting up the right scene for the city you are in may bring in interest. From eclectic jazz vibes to a white picket fence or campsite warmth, there are countless ideas to bring in based on your location and content.

Serving complimentary nostalgic food is always a great way to lure in an audience. Consider setting up a table or two filled with different foods for the consumers to eat. Hand out pamphlets or have something eye-catching to keep them engaged while they spend time in your trade show display.

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