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Magnifying Glass

Know your potential client, is the mantra of today. This will always save time and money.
Exhibitions and Tradeshows modus operandi have not changed it is essentially…

1. Attract a potential client
2. Interest them
3. Communicate your message
4. Sell them whatever your selling

Now, number 1 is crucial of course and how do you do that? Its done by knowing what interests your potential client. That, of course, can be many things within your particular industry, so you need to narrow it down, but how?

Research, that’s how good old fashion research. This is as simple as asking your existing client base what was it that made them buy your particular product or service or what they were interested at the time. Ask enough client this you will get a really good idea of what interests them.

Search the internet – find some forums on your service or product (there is a forum out there for everything) see what they like, what they don’t like, basically what their buttons are and what would make them come to your booth.

Once you have compiled this information create your exhibition graphics and message around what was found in your research. An example of this is that being an IT company the most important thing your existing clients was all your technicians could explain things they were doing in plain English and were very responsive. Now going on the forums, you found out that potential clients really like a fast responsive IT team that could fix problems quickly and efficiently.

Armed with that information you build your message and graphics around that.
So, from your research, you find likes and dislikes and you basically give that information back to them in a way that communicates.

That handles the first, second and third point. For the fourth point just make sure your sales team know and have studied the results of your research and the sales part should be easy.

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